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Globe & Mail article on Village of Love

Kenyan AIDS project feels the love from Canadian congregation

Andrew and Leonora Obara, parents of fifteen children, ten adopted orphaned children and five biological, spoke with Globe and Mail journalist Paul Waldie on their recent trip to Toronto.In Paul Waldie’s article for the Globe and Mail column, “Giving Back,” Waldie tells how the “Village of Love” Project grew out of one congregation’s support for one couple caring for AIDS - orphaned children.

The Donors: Leonora and Andrew Obara

The Gift: Creating Village of Love

The Cause: Caring for AIDS orphans in Kenya

When Leonora Obara started adopting AIDS orphans into her home in Nairobi, Kenya, her family wondered how they would cope.

Leonora and her husband Andrew already had five children, a modest income and a tiny house. Caring for five young orphans… read more


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