A Community Awareness WorkshopHIV&AIDS AWARENESS

There is still much ignorance today in Kenya about HIV&AIDS. Sufferers are often ostracised and shunned. Neighbours are often afraid to take in children whose parents have died of HIV&AIDS. Indeed children may suffer the double stigmatization of being both orphaned and also affected by HIV&AIDS.


In a Village of Love, family, orphaned children are cared for along with biological children so that the world does not know who is orphaned and who is not. AIDS sufferers find in the Village of Love not only an accepting community, but also bold advocates for positive living.  

Arresting the spread of HIV&AIDS

Unless the spread of HIV&AIDS is arrested, all the funds invested in overcoming the effects of the AIDS pandemic are gone to waste!  Village of Love provides community awareness workshops on HIV&AIDS and the empowerment of girls and women. See EMPOWERMENT WORKSHOP.