Doing Their Best

“Village of Love” was still in its infancy. The project administrator was looking for families who were committed to caring for orphaned children and who were able to fully include those children in their families.  

He entered a one room shack in Kibera, where the family of ten was sitting around the plate of evening food. Each child had before them a portion of cassava, a staple food that serves as a filler, but has little nutritional value. In addition, placed before each child was just one bean, the protein for that day, equally shared amongst all the children.

He decided then and there that this family would be invited to be part of the cooperative. Here was a mother who cared for her children equally, whether they were biological or adopted. She was doing her very best with what she had. She demonstrated the love that he was looking for in order to qualify as a participant.

The “Village of Love” cooperative begins with the parents’ love for their children. When we join our love to theirs to supplement their meagre resources, the children will receive also the nutritional food and education that they need.

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