What Do Children Do When There Is No Food?

When there is no meal at home, the children forage in the garbage dumps.What is certain is that the children do not spend much time at home, where their parents are stressed and short tempered! The children go where there is a likelihood of being fed: to forage in the garbage dumps, to beg, and more tragically, to trade what they have- their little bodies- for a bag of chips, for sweets or whatever scrap is offered.

 Food on the table changes everything!

When Village of Love Canada Board member, Salome Githuku visited Village of Love beneficiaries in November, 2013, they all spoke of being happy and of how the micro-loans they have received have relieved the stress of not being able to feed their children. Their houses have become homes! The children want to come home after school, because they know they will find a meal and receive a warm welcome from a happy mother!


Eunice Mwende gives vote of thanks to Kijiji Cha Upendo (Village of Love) on behalf of the other beneficiaries.

The beneficiaries asked Salome if it is possible to increase the size of their loans, since the shilling has lost so much value in the last year.

Our goal is to raise an extra $4,000 in 2014 to meet this need. Will you help?

YOU can bring out the love in a family!

Your donation will increase the micro-loan funds available. It will provide food, strengthen families and keep children safe!