Black History Month

 Your Village dollars go ten times further!

Mama Shiliye supports twelve people through her small business. Village of Love micro-loans have enabled her to feed them all without having to resort to begging. In the picture, Mama Shiliye is on the right. A child in her care is seated on the lap of a visiting Board Member. Waving at the camera is Project Administrator, Andrew Obara. A family member is on the left.

  • Micro-loans are efficient!

1. A small amount of money used to feed children does not go far, but that same amount, invested as a MICRO-LOAN in a caregiver’s business, can feed the whole family every day!

2. Your donation goes into a revolving pool from which money can be borrowed over and over again, as loans are repaid.

  • No one is paid to love children

Because of the love and care that families are providing on the ground, we do not need to build orphanages or pay people to love children.

  • Kenyan government official stays in contact with the beneficiaries.Education: Multiplier Effect

It has been demonstrated that when one child from a loving family graduates and is working, that child will pay for his or her siblings to go to school too.  See MULTIPLIER EFFECT

  • No wastage

Kijiji Cha Upendo is registered with the Kenyan Government and so it is monitored by government officials every month.

Village of Love Canada partners with an already established organization, CAP/AIDS, and so we have a minimum of administrative costs. In addition the CAP/AIDS representative on the ground monitors Kijiji Cha Upendo’s expenditure closely.