Salome answers a questionA Day With the Villagers!

Board Member, Salome Githuku, visits Village of Love

To the delight of those who met her during her last visit to Kijiji Cha Upendo, Village of Love Board member, Salome Githuku, visited her family in Kenya this month and was again able to spend time on site with some of the Villagers.

A large group of Villagers, brimming with questions and comments, gathered in the small KCU office, eager also to hear Salome’s words of wisdom and encouragement.

Andrew Obara, Project Administrator, writes,Helen Kemunto is grateful for the moral and material support of her cluster and the kindness of volunteers when she lost her son recently

“Leonora and I gave a brief summary of what has happened in the last year. Then the floor was opened to the women for questions. They made suggestions such as the need for larger micro-loans. In the current inflated economy they need to be able to purchase more stock.

In thanking the donors they emphasized how the project has made small, but very significant, changes in their lives. The sharing they do every time they meet in our offices has helped them to understand the children, especially the teenagers. The volunteers, they said, are helpful and inspiring.

Finally, kindness flowing in them, they asked Salome to raise more funds so that KCU could reach families even more desperate than themselves!”

Village of Love Canada will certainly do our utmost to respond to this plea!