"Meet the Obaras and Village of Love"

During the Obaras’ recent visit to Toronto, they were interviewed by Neighbours of High Park magazine.

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Neighbours of High Park.



Village of Love is having a big impact under very challenging circumstances. What is the secret of their effectiveness in lifting women and children out of extreme poverty?


The recent Global Citizen’s Forum in Toronto, brought together NGO’s from several continents to explore leadership in reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) to eliminate poverty by 2030. The Forum heard from Leonora how Village of Love is contributing to the first five SDG’S: No poverty. No hunger. Health & wellbeing. Quality education. Empowerment of women.  Through Village of Love, women are becoming skilled entrepreneurs who can provide for their children, food, medicine and school.

One man asked, “How do you manage something so difficult, to work with women in a slum community?”

Leonora responded, “You have to understand the dynamics of community. You need to know how to let the women take the lead, take ownership. When the project is theirs, they sustain it themselves.”

Leonora truly understands how to build community, from the family up. Nothing that Village of Love does is on their own. The women themselves are clustered into groups of fifteen (broken into 3 groups of five). Wisdom and resources of other organisations are made full use of, from the Kenyan government down to local NGO’s and CBO’s.

The strength of Village of Love is that they do not work alone! A refreshing approach, in a world that is becoming increasingly fragmented.


5 Year Celebration, "Their Life in Their Hands"

Our 5 year Anniversary Celebration, October 15, saw an exciting gathering of diverse people, talented musicians and dancers and enthusiastic Kenyans and Canadians who were willing to share their rich experiences in visiting Village of Love.

We were especially thrilled to be graced by the presence of the Kenyan High Commisioner, H.E. John Lanyasunya, who took time out of a very busy schedule to be with us. In his opening remarks, he noted how unusual it is for two countries to be brought together, not at government level, but person to person.

Indeed this has been an aspect of our involvement with Village of Love that has been most rewarding: having our eyes opened to a different way of thinking and approach to life.

Peace in the world could surely be advanced through a great deal more intercultural learning!

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A Letter From An Intern In The Field

Insights from intern, Christine Stenton, after her time with Village of Love:

Christine(far right) plans with Village of Love volunteers how she will spend her time during her week long stay.

“For the past 5 months I have been living and working in Uganda as a Grassroots Capacity Building and Impact intern for the Canadian African Partnership Network and its partner CAP/AIDS Uganda. Recently I had the opportunity to travel to Nairobi, Kenya, and spend a week working with Kijiji Cha Upendo – a community-based organization and partner to the CAP Network that is located in the informal settlement of Kibera.

“I’ve seen first-hand how Kijiji Cha Upendo’s commitment to households of orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) has a positive impact not only on the caregivers and children they support, but also the Kibera community at large.

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