“I never imagined the blessings that I would receive being with the children, women and staff of Kijiji Cha Upendo. Being with the children was a joy. As well as art activities, I had fun singing, dancing and playing games with them.

When in school they sit quietly without interaction. So this was a different experience for them! The first day they were understandably quiet, giggly and shy. But on our third day, Group B didn’t want to miss out and couldn’t wait for their day to come. So they showed up, too. It was quite a large group!

I felt welcomed and included by the staff of Kijiji and enjoyed being with them. I am in awe of the work they do to help women feel empowered as they become more independent. I have seen the results. By visiting the homes and businesses of many of these women, I witnessed their pride in being able to provide for their children. It is their children who I did art with!!

They love their jobs and are happy that they can support their families. Some have as many as ten orphaned children as well as their own. They told me how grateful they are to Kijiji and its supporters in Canada. I was often moved to tears feeling their beautiful hearts and deep faith in God. This deep faith is reflected in their children who I loved being with.



Kibera is clustered around an unguarded railroadIt is unthinkable that on the streets of Kibera, one of the worst slums in Africa, 15,000 orphaned children fend for themselves. Without intervention, they are utterly vulnerable to violence, rape, and being drawn into prostitution, gangs, drugs and all kinds of illicit activities.

They do not even have someone to care if they live or die.

To become productive, contributing citizens, Kibera children need what every child needs: love, food, security, protection and, most importantly, education.

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Gifts from Bloor West Village to Village of Love

During Andrew and Leonora’s visit with us in May, donations of clothes, linens and school supplies poured in from the Bloor West Village community. The Obaras’ host, Robyn Salter, packed 7 suitcases full of goods! The Obaras were able to each take a suitcase with them, and Rev Don and Brenda Gibson were also able to take a suitcase each in July, as did Rev Keith and Marjory Knill in September.  We are hoping for more travellers to take the rest!

Brenda Gibson distributes much needed text books in a primary school.Pencils and Textbooks

Don and Brenda write:

“During the days that we spent in Kibera we were able to visit 7 schools and many classrooms. In each of these schools there were children from the Village of Love.

“Andrew had had Moses work with teachers to compile a list of books that were needed by the schools. He picked out books for each grade level through secondary and Don and I were able to purchase them and (had) the privilege of giving them directly to four different schools in Kibera.

“1500 pencils had been donated by (a school) in Toronto and we were able to give pencils to all of the students and their teachers.

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A Letter From The Field

Rev Keith Knill writes:

Hi all! Greetings from Africa! We arrived in Kenya after 16 hours of flying plus 2 hour stopover in Zurich. We’re staying at the Fairmount Norfolk Hotel in Nairobi - rather like the Fairmount Royal York in Toronto - old and very traditional (men wear formal suits and top hats). Our room overlooks a beautiful courtyard with flowering plants, walkways, and fountains.

Village of Love volunteer, Moses Omondi, explains to visitors, Keith and Marjory Knill how micro-loans operate to expand this woman’s small business.The first day, we visited Kibera - a suburb of Nairobi and the worst slum in Africa (over 1 million people living in a square mile). A relative of our neighbor in Brampton very kindly offered us the services of one of his chauffeurs while in Nairobi - a far greater blessing than we could have imagined. In China it’s said that road signs are merely suggestions; in Nairobi, it’s the survival of the fastest and most daring. Our driver Frederick was impressive as a driver and a super person. He took us to Kibera and stayed to drive us back to the hotel.

We met Andrew Obara, director of Village of Love in Kibera, and 2 young university graduates Joyce and Moses ( incredible young people) who are virtually volunteering their time every day in this incredible ministry.

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