Where is the best place for an orphaned child to be?

In a LOVING FAMILY, of course!

Josephine cares for three orphaned children in addition to her six birth children. She is not a foster mother. No one pays her to care for these orphaned children. She is just one of many parents with big hearts living in the slum community of Kibera who, despite their own extreme poverty, have nevertheless taken into their homes orphaned and vulnerable children to give them material and emotional support. A family is always there!

Children orphaned through HIV/AIDS have suffered deep trauma through seeing their parents die. Much healing is needed.

The families in Village of Love are not providing band aid solutions. They are in it for the long haul. They are there to support the orphaned children throughout their lives.

Building on love!

Abandoned and alone, orphaned children feel unwanted. Their self esteem improves, however, when they are taken into into a family. They know that someone cares about them!  Moreover, through receiving love, they learn to give love. They learn how to live in a family and to create their own loving families.

Will you invest in a more loving world?

These compassionate orphan caregivers dream of a better life for their children. They dream of their children being educated and becoming self sufficient.

They are not looking for charity. They are looking for empowerment to reach their goals. Please support family based orphan care! Even the smallest amount donated monthly will make a huge difference!