Fanice’s stall in 2010In 2010, Fanice, sole caregiver to her own biological child and four others, was shunned because one of them is HIV positive. She struggled to eke out a living selling charcoal.  On a good day, the children left for school with porridge in their stomachs. Most days the only food the children received was at school. Sometimes they could bring home some leftovers and scraps.

Fanice was invited to join Village of Love. Fanice received food baskets to alleviate the immediate need, and also a micro-loan along with training in best business practices. this has enabled her to expand her business and increase her income generating capacity.

Through the meetings and empowerment groups, she  has found acceptance in the midst of bold advocates for HIV&AIDS sufferers. She is no longer alone.

Fanice’s stall in 2013New livelihood skills!

Fanice is eager to learn and take advanatge of whatever is offered to improve her circumstances. in July 2013 she attended a soapmaking and basketry workshop offered by Village of Love. a week later a volunter visited her stall. There was soap on sale and some baskets. Already she had sold enough to cover the costs of this new venture and was ready to make a profit!