Village of Love Empowers Women

The women in Village of Love meet every week to share experiences, discuss, learn and discover their voices as women.

    Women gather for their weekly empowerment meeting. They listen to presentations researched and prepared by their own members. They discuss relevant issues and learn to speak out as women.

  • Self Esteem Is Built

Those who live in poverty tend to be disenfrachised from political processes. It is usually left to others make decisions on their behalf.

The women in Village of Love are discovering their political voices as they achieve economic success through micro-loans and small business workshops. They have gained confidence to engage in community activities and to raise their voices to be heard.



  • Personal empowerment helps to stem the spread of HIV/AIDS!The Village of Love leaders provide excellent role models of strong and articulate women. From left to right: Salome Githuku, human rights activist and Village of Love Canada Board member; Dorothy onyano, parliamentary candidate and Kijiji cha Upendo Board member; Leonora Obara, social worker and Programme administrator for Kijiji cha Upendo.

In Kenyan society, women are very vulnerable to contracting HIV/AIDS. Society tolerates men having many partners, while gender bias leads to women submitting to a man’s demands for unprotected sex. There is a general permissiveness towards violence against women. It is estimated that in Kibera there are 40 instances of rape every hour!

It is not enough to lift a family out of poverty if, within a few years, girls contract HIV&AIDS, perpetuating the cycle of poverty!

Kijiji Cha Upendo holds weekly workshops to encourage girls and women to think critically, find their voices , speak out and take a stand.

 For a volunteer’s account of one of these weekly meetings, go to Empowerment Workshops