Who wants to be in school?….I do!School is urgent!

On the streets of Kibera hungry children are very vulnerable. Consider… what might a child be asked to do for a bag of chips? Both girls and boys are drawn into the sex trade, often contracting HIV/AIDS, the girls falling pregnant very early to become trapped in a lifetime of poverty. The boys are drawn into drug use, gangs and criminal activity of all kinds. Many do not reach the age of twenty.

Did you know..?

Children who have had the chance to go to school are more confident in seeking jobs and are more mature and responsible in their life decisions. They have a greater sense of their own worth. With an education they are more likely to be able to provide for their own families and rise above the poverty thrust upon them through the HIV&AIDS pandemic! 

An excellent video illustrating how important it is for girls to be in school is The Girl Effect video, “The Clock is Ticking.

 Read “Vulnerable Children” by International Economist, Johnny Ndayishimiye