Andrew and Leonora Obara have raised 10 orphaned children along with their 5 biological children. They encourage every child to develop their gifts to the maximum. They are so grateful for Canadian donors. Andrew urges his children to grab the opportunity before them with both hands. He says, “I, their father, am out there cheering them on in this - a chance of a lifetime, urging them “Keep on and finish the race. You never had the qualifying mark, but by God’s grace you are allowed to run in the marathon!”No Laughter On Empty Bellies!

A father contemplates the difference it has made to orphaned children to have a LOVING FAMILY HOME and MATERIAL SUPPORT from donors.

The Alternative

In a letter to Canadian donors, Andrew writes, “Due to the harsh conditions in Kenya, lack of employment and generally the Kenyan government being overwhelmed, orphans have a very tough time. It is worse for HIV/AIDS orphans. Not many people want anything to do with them. 

“A girl is more vulnerable and would have very few options i.e. work as a house help, or eke out a living by selling by the roadside or run errands of some sort for whomever. The boys too would most likely end up tilling land, hawking, or doing menial chores, and more often than not they would end up being street boys. This is a breeding ground for thugs. The children scavenge for food and if they do not have enough, they will turn to anything that will make ends meet. They generally graduate into criminals.

Family Love and Donor Support

“With the help from our donors, Leonora and I have provided for all our children a home, education and parental love. It has not been easy.

“We are grateful to our own children who accepted the rest of the children, hesitantly at first, then fully later on. We derive so much pleasure when we hear the children joke and laugh. Human beings do not laugh on empty bellies. Some of these children had dropped out of school for lack of fees. Mine too would be sent away for lack of fees every now and then. As of now, all the children go to school on time, with the required items, and remain there till the end of the term.

“Taking in these children and treating them like our own has not only removed them from being looked down upon, but has given them confidence. They walk with their shoulders high knowing that their tomorrow will be taken care of.”

Andrew Obara

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