“I Can Read!”

Many orphaned children cannot attend school because their elderly grandparents depend on them to cook and do the chores. At the tender age of nine, Zachary was left without father or mother, having to care for a sick and elderly grandmother. It was Zachary’s responsibility in the morning to take the goats out to pasture, so that he never arrived at school before 11 am.  After school he had to bring the goats back home, draw the water and cook. For food, he went to the neighbours and begged. The school itself was of such poor quality that Zachary learned nothing, although he was very keen.

He was very much alone in the world, with no one to look out for his wellbeing. Social worker, Leonora Obara knew of his situation, and when Zachary was eleven, Leonora arranged for a society that cares for the elderly to include Zachary’s grandmother as a beneficiary so that Zachary was freed to come into the Obara household, to have the chance at an education. 

To begin with, the other children laughed at him. They teased him for not knowing anything. It didn’t trouble him. He was in school. He had the chance to learn! It was a dream come true. Now he is enrolled in a high quality school, his former rags replaced by a school uniform. There was never a prouder day than when he came home to announce, “I can read. Give me a book. I’ll show you.” The children don’t tease him any more!

Today, at 15 years of age, Zachary is affable, helpful and cooperative. Everyone likes him. The neighbourhood children are always coming by asking for Zachary to come and play with them. The boy who was alone in the world with the doors of education firmly shut, now has a chance to learn and is surrounded by loving family and friends.

YOU can give children like Zachary the opportunity to find their place in the world and to have a chance at life!  Please, donate today.


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