“I never imagined the blessings that I would receive being with the children, women and staff of Kijiji Cha Upendo. Being with the children was a joy. As well as art activities, I had fun singing, dancing and playing games with them.

When in school they sit quietly without interaction. So this was a different experience for them! The first day they were understandably quiet, giggly and shy. But on our third day, Group B didn’t want to miss out and couldn’t wait for their day to come. So they showed up, too. It was quite a large group!

I felt welcomed and included by the staff of Kijiji and enjoyed being with them. I am in awe of the work they do to help women feel empowered as they become more independent. I have seen the results. By visiting the homes and businesses of many of these women, I witnessed their pride in being able to provide for their children. It is their children who I did art with!!

They love their jobs and are happy that they can support their families. Some have as many as ten orphaned children as well as their own. They told me how grateful they are to Kijiji and its supporters in Canada. I was often moved to tears feeling their beautiful hearts and deep faith in God. This deep faith is reflected in their children who I loved being with.

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