Celebrate some very special mothers!

Grace Wambui Kiragi cares for eight orphaned children.

Every day in Africa, despite massive efforts to stem the tide of HIV/AIDS, mothers are still dying of the disease, leaving thousands upon thousands of children to fend for themselves. In the slum community of Kibera, it is estimated there are at least 20,000 orphaned children.

A dying mother’s greatest fear is that her children will be alone, abandoned, hungry, vulnerable to every unscrupulous adult.

Her deepest desire is to know that someone will take care of her children, love them, feed them, guide them and protect them.

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How micro-loans with small business training changes lives


Phanis is just one of the women in Village of Love whose courage, determination and compassion is inspiring.

When we first heard of Phanis, she was shunned by the community, because she had taken in an HIV positive orphaned child. She eked out a living through her fruit and vegetable stall, bringing in no more than  $1 a day. Two of her children, sponsored to go to school through UNAID, would hide food in their garments, from the lunch served at school, so that they could take it home to their mother.

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Micro-Loans: a determined journey out of poverty

Village of Love Women listen intently to the loan options being place before themThe women of Village of Love are patient and determined! Little by little, they are clawing their way out of poverty, applying small loans as the money comes available. Now the time has come to make a bid for substantial loans!

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Further Education For Tracy!

At twenty years of age, Tracy thought her dreams were over. An excellent student, she had been one of the first to have her high school education paid for by Village of Love, and she had a good chance of attaining a government scholarship to study accountancy. However, in her final year of High School, tragedy struck. Her mother became sick and died, leaving Tracy as head of a household of seven children, including three orphans.

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