“Village of Love: A Journey to Freedom”

An evening of Afro-centric dance, music and drama! 

with Dienye Waboso, The Heritage Singers Canada and Twamsifueli Dancers.

Saturday, April 13, 7 pm to 9 pm

Runnymede United Church, 432 Runnymede Rd:   How to find us!


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GROUPS: 5 or more, $20

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A JOURNEY TO FREEDOM requires not only courage, hope and determination; it also requires a wider community: A VILLAGE OF LOVE!

DIENYE WABOSO: “The Joshua Glover Story: Journey to Freedom”

Gifted dramatist Dienya Waboso takes us on an unforgettable journey to freedom through the true story of escaped slave, Joshua Glover, who in 1854 reaches Montgomery’s Inn, Toronto, via the Underground Railroad.

Ms. Waboso developed the drama as part of the heritage education programme offered by Montgomery’s Inn, Toronto. “In researching the history,” she says, “I discovered that it is not so much the story of one slave as it is the story of a whole network of people, many hands, reaching out to enable the journey to freedom.”

Don’t miss this compelling, one woman performance!

For more information about the community and educational programmes offered by Montgomery’s Inn, click MONTGOMERY’S INN



The Heritage Singers Canada, perform songs from their “Slavery Suite,” that revive the pain of forced migration into slavery and the inhumanity of plantation life, while nevertheless celebrating the indomitable spirit of hope.

The Heritage Singers Canada have developed a rich repertoire of Caribbean folk music: from sacred to secular, work song to lullaby, and seasonal ditty to perennial ballad. The languages of these songs range from discernible Standard English Creole with an English-lexical base, to French patois, informal Spanish, African dialect and Jamaican patois.




In Africa, dancing does not mean only physical movement, but also a celebration of life and a creation of healing. Visitors to a village are welcomed into  the community through dance. With vibrant African rhythms, Twamsifueli invite us all into the Village of Love, expressing the healing joy of belonging in community, and playing our part!

For information, see: TWAMSIFUELI


Your participation in this fundraiser supports impoverished Kenyan families who have taken orphaned children into their hearts and homes. They are people of courage, determination and compassion. However, to escape poverty, they need our hands and hearts joined with theirs.

It takes a Village of Love to free children from poverty! Welcome to YOUR Village!