Keep a child in school

An orphaned child needs YOUR help to go to school….

To give the Gift of Education as an alternative Christmas gift, see GIFT OF HOPE

Please help us to see that no child is left out!EDUCATION GOAL

To supplement the efforts of Village of Love parents to keep their children in school, we need to raise another $500 every month. Will YOU be a monthly sponsor? 

No amount is too small or too large!


The Need Is Urgent

Hungry children, on the streets of Kibera are very vulnerable. When children are not in school, they are in danger of being drawn into criminal activity, drug and alcohol use, and the sex trade. We pledge that every dollar you designate for education will go that purpose; and every child in Village of Love will have equal access to school, whether girl or boy, orphaned or birth child.


100 Village of Love children are in Primary School in 2016. Without school supplies and uniform a child is sent home. Each child requires: UNIFORM: a pair of shoes, two shirts, two trousers or skirts, two sweaters/ vests, ties/ socks. SUPPLIES: notebooks and pencils. COST: $80 a year. Older girls also require sanitary pads, without which they miss 3 days of school a month. COST $30 a year.

These expenses are met largely through our micro-loan program, which aims at empowering women towards selfsufficiency.


Festus is the first student at his school ever to qualify for college.SECONDARY SCHOOL:

50 Village of Love children are in secondary school in 2016. When fees are not paid, the children are sent home from school. For the last three years Village of Love children have all been kept in school! With the security of knowing that they will not be sent home, they have been able to settle down and show what they are capable of. Four students have scored well enough in their final exams to qualify for College!

COST: $250; ($20 a month)