“Lent” A Hand!

Winnie (8) saw her mother die of HIV/AIDS. She would like to become a doctor to help people get better when they are sick. You can help her fulfill her dream!Adopt an orphaned child for Lent

Give a  loonie or a toonie a day for 40 days!

Help to keep a child in school this year.

Your donation will purchase a school uniform, pencils, notebook, without which Kenyan children are sent home from school.

The Wilderness of Grief

Orphaned children such as Winnie (right) have lost everything: the love and protection of their parents, all property and shelter, the means of survival, hope for the future. The slum community of Kibera is no place for an unprotected child. Crime and violence abound. In this wilderness they are utterly vulnerable, as the scripture says, “with the wild beasts.”

Fortunately for Winnie, she and her six siblings have been taken into a loving family, now a member of Village of Love. Through this family, they are learning that they are loved again and have worth.

Village of Love is restoring their hopes and dreams by enabling them to attend school. When you become a supporter, you become one of the angels in the wilderness, the small source of light and hope that enables them to get through this time of loss and devastation and move forward in life.

Your support enables children like Winnie to become “angels” themselves one day.

Use your credit card here: Lent A Hand

Or write a cheque to CAP/AIDS, with Village of Love on the memo line. Send to Village of Love Canada, c/o CAP/AIDS, 1168 Bloor St W., #1106, Toronto, On M6P 0A6