Everlyn Mwende

Everlyn Mwende sells a variety of beauty products and tuck shop items.One Woman’s Success Story

Everlyn Mwende cares for four children including two orphans. She used to brew alcohol in her home and was in constant trouble with the police and her neighbours!

She tried instead to generate money through knitting rastafarian hats. It was at this stage that she was invited to join Village of Love and given a small loan. Repaying it quickly, she has borrowed and repaid loans many times since.

An excellent entrepreneur, Ms Mwende has developed a thriving tuckshop.


Community Spokesperson!

A regular attendee of women’s empowerment meetings, not only is Ms Mwende no longer a pariah in the neighbourhood, but she has become a community spokesperson, representing community needs to  government officials. Younger women look up to her as a role model. She has kept her children in school, the eldest boy scoring well enough in his final exams to qualify for university.