He Is A Community Asset

Kamaro dreamed of going to school but he had to work for his food!

When Kamaro turned thirteen, he had to fend for himself.  His mother was dead and his father very ill. He desperately wanted to go to school, but he had to eat.  Whenever he got the chance, he worked as a farm laborer, earning enough money to purchase food and paraffin for a few months. For those few months he attended school, but then the food money ran out and he had to work again. Needless to say, this intermittent pattern of school attendance did not give him a good educational grounding! 

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Youth Trip To Kenya

2011 Runnymede Youth Visit Kenya 

One church family partnering with one Kenyan family has born amazing fruits: see  BLOG:


Your Village Dollars Go Ten Times Further!

Mama Shiliye supports twelve people through her small business. Village of Love micro-loans have enabled her to feed them all without having to resort to begging. In the picture, Mama Shiliye is on the right. A child in her care is seated on the lap of a visiting Board Member. Waving at the camera is Project Administrator, Andrew Obara. A family member is on the left.

  • No one is paid to love children

Because of the love and care that families are providing on the ground, we do not need to build orphanages or pay people to love children.

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No Laughter On Empty Bellies

Andrew and Leonora Obara have raised 10 orphaned children along with their 5 biological children. They encourage every child to develop their gifts to the maximum. They are so grateful for Canadian donors. Andrew urges his children to grab the opportunity before them with both hands. He says, “I, their father, am out there cheering them on in this - a chance of a lifetime, urging them “Keep on and finish the race. You never had the qualifying mark, but by God’s grace you are allowed to run in the marathon!”

The difference a LOVING HOME and MATERIAL SUPPORT makes for orphaned children: a father shares his thoughts.

In a letter to Canadian donors, Andrew Obara writes,

“Due to the harsh conditions in Kenya, lack of employment and generally the Kenyan government being overwhelmed, orphans have a very tough time. It is worse for HIV/AIDS orphans. Not many people want anything to do with them. 

“A girl is more vulnerable and would have very few options

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