Fundraise in your own circle:

Involve your friends, neighbours, teammates, clubs, faith group!

Together with others we can make a huge difference! For brochures, videos, movies, speaker, crafts to sell or other support, contact us


Casual Friday in your officeOffice

Pay a toonie for casual Fridays. Maybe wear casual cloithes all summer! Dedicate the money to Village of Love!

Laurie did this at BPA, her place of work. Her manager offered to match whatever the team raised, and in 2013 they gave Village of Love a cheque for more than $700. In $2014, the cheque was for $1,000!


Movie, “The First Grader”Friends 

Invite your friends to a living room screening of The First Grader. Educate them about the obstacles facing poverty stricken children in attending school. Give them a brochure home to take home, and the opportunity to donate.

The same principle would work for a dinner or a summer barbecue.

We can supply the movie, brochures and even a speaker, if you want.

Axworthy Team in AIDS Ride for AfricaBook Club, Small Group

Invite your club or small group to join you in riding your bike and fundraising in the AIDS Ride for Africa on a Sunday in June each year.

Roberta involved her book club and the team together raised over $3,000!




A church group helping to build a schoolChurch Groups

How about “Loonies for Lent”?

Put aside a loonie or a toonie for 40 days. It will provide school supplies to keep a child in school!

Bonus for church groups: Plan a youth trip to Kenya. Our administrator on the ground is experienced in leading such groups in, for example, helping to build a classroom and make friends with local youth.

Runnymede United Church has sponsored two such trips. See Youth Blog from 2015 trip.

Sue buys and sells jewellery!Yard Sales, Fairs

Be creative in finding items you can sell. On a day that your street plans to have a neighbourhood yard sale, invite those neighbours who are not participating to donate some items for you to sell.

Sue does the rounds of yard sales and second hand stores, collecting attractive jewellery and then sells them at fairs. Last year she raised over $400 for orphaned children.