Let your company double your impact to Village of Love!

Employers are making it even easier and offering more incentives to donate to charities like Village of Love.


Did you know that many employers have programs to match charitable contributions made by their employees? In some cases gifts can be set up via payroll deduction. Employees’ spouses and retirees may also qualify for a match and there may be in addition a volunteer grant program. Ask your HR representative or click the links below to see if your company is involved in any of these types of programs. This is an easy way to increase the mileage of your donation and take advantage of the amazing benefits that you work so hard for.

Companies with Employee Matching Gift Programs: MATCHING GIFTS.

Companies with Volunteer Grants Programs: VOLUNTEER GRANTS.


A few examples of Canadian companies that offer matching gift programs for their employees include:

•    Bank of Montreal
•    Bell Canada Enterprises
•    Globe and Mail
•    Intuit
•    Royal Bank of Canada
•    Sun Life Financial
•    KPMG

And many, many more!

As always, Village of Love Canada deeply appreciates your support.